hi, i’m quinn. until now i’ve mostly been lurking on here but i decided to make an account so i could say things sometimes.

i’ve been into vkei since i was very young, but i’ve never really engaged in the “fandom” before. i’m mostly into older vkei/kote kei, but i occasionally listen to other, more modern stuff too. since until now i’ve tried to stay away from online vkei communities, i’m not familiar with the whole fan scene surrounding it, so forgive me if i ever say something strange or ask about something that is common knowledge to most people online.

i probably will not talk very much, but i figured i would make an introduction anyway. thank you for having me.


:sparkles::sparkles:Yoooo welcome. :sparkles::sparkles:
Nice to have you here or nice to see you talk and not only lurk :wink:

We all have been new once, so don’t worry too much.

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Sup bro

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Hey, welcome to the forum! Enjoy your stay here :tada::grinning: