2019-2020 (on hiatus due to different musical directions)


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Personally, I thought they brought a revitalizing take to the current vk scene, and am sad to see them go. What do you guys think?


RAKUGAKI in their short run made a lot for the scene, like you said they were pretty revitalizing. I think the direction they had taken after signing to AINS was the right one and they could achieve more as a band, it was quite sad to see the announcement of their separation.

I hope to see them soon in other musical projects (in the Visual Kei scene please lol).

This song is SOOOO good.

Yeah their output was quite good for such a short run! And good on Ains for producing so many MVs for them, even to the end 🥲

Toui (the bassist) has one of those cover bands going on at the moment! Along with a member from Jiga.

I really liked where they have gone after signing to Ains too, especially with the wider range of music. Wished they could have stayed together.

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I had no idea they were on hiatus. They just had released a single in December…
Btw does anyone know why all other stuff is available on iTunes but not the last singe?

I discovered them during pandemic, when there were a lot of vk lives broadcasted:

They were pretty catchy, it will be sad if they break up.

That song was released on their last day 🥲 it’s an old song that they re-recorded as a mv.

Yeah, but accordind to their webshop it a single with 3 songs with release date 2020.12.13: 3rd Single「ROCK'N'ROLLは右脳を破壊する」 | RAKUGAKI OFFICIAL WEB SHOP

So I assumed it will be available on iTunes like previous releases.

Oh hmm I wouldn’t know about that, sorry! I have been trying to get the songs from the webshop, but they need a japanese credit card. Wonder if they’re open to using bandcamp or something for international fans.