RAN Ba.最上 夜 (Mogami Yoru) has joined + "VIRULENT" 2nd press will be released

蘭 (Ran) has changed their name to RAN (totally more easier to google btw) and a second press of their album, “VIRULENT” will be released with an exclusive bonus track, details tba…

The band has also posted a new look with new member Ba.最上 夜 (Mogami Yoru) who has joined today!

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Looks like a completely different band and aesthetic.

The red hair o-o

Have they seriously just wrote “Answer” wrong?!?

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‘‘The waterfowl genus Anser includes the grey geese and the white geese. It belongs to the true geese and swan subfamily (Anserinae).’’ - Wikipedia

maybe this is what they meant?


“We decided to rename ourselves! and then Ao had to leave due to family so we had to go searching for a new bassist!! He seems very nice and we have rebranded ourselves!”
wonderful lyrics lol

Toaly stoke about this getting a second press, I missed out on it the first time around and it isn’t on Spotify, so far as I can tell

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