Random Band Trivia (non-VK edition)

Its about time we collect the stuff about bands that just doesn’t fit anywhere or just stuff you know and maybe no one else knows.
Facts that we want to share with others or just preserve for future fans.

This thread is for now for Band Trivia of not Visual Bands. Why?
Because vkgy is doing a pretty great job at preserving a lot of stuff already and also i dont want to turn this into a mere VK info thread.

Starting with some random trivia.

  • Ryo Kinoshita was Crystal Lakes, third vocalist, not the second one. (He confirmed what i only knew from 5ch on the interview with Nik Nocturnal.)

  • Yojiro from A Ghost of Flare was originally Graupel’s Vocalist, he changed pretty fast the band thou.

  • Slut need a Kongamato (a deathcore? band from Niigata) changed at one point their name to just “Kongamato” and must have changed their name at one point back again to the original version.

  • When Her Name in Blood took Bitoku from Sailing Before the Wind as support guitarist, it was his first time to play guitar live.

  • Also when Bitoku (Sailing Before the Wind) played the first time support for Crystal Lake, he learned the songs he had to play on the same day only, he had to play. (Because the ask for support came in on short notice)

wait for more random band trivia to come in and feel free to share your knowledge too


Gotta give props up to Tak from Penetrate, for posting about that on twitter.

Isolutions was a short lived project from Lin, before he started abstracts.


The Hitoribochi manga references 88kasyo junrei


Thats pretty cool