Ranking Nightmare's releases since their return from hiatus

Counting Nox Lux too because why not.

  1. Ink. This was meant to be their big comeback release but ended up being very underwhelming. Can you even remember the names of the other songs ? Don’t think too hard they’re called Fear and Utsusemi

  2. Darkness Before Dawn. Not a big fan of this song. I guess it’s fine. But it was released as a stand alone when everything else had at least 3 songs. At least it’s better than every song on Ink

  3. Farewell. Titular song has very lazy composition which will be a running theme but it’s noticeable here. The other songs are good but don’t stand out much.

  4. Cry For The Moon. Titular song is fine though the autotune is HEAVY on the titular song and Yomi can’t really sing it live. Believe is fine B.A.R.K. is pretty nice.

  5. Sinners. Hated the titular song. But Ruler is a solid song and Chronophobia is an amazing ballad composed very differently which was appreciated.

  6. With. Very nice titular song though it sounds a bit “safe” it’s still solid. Spin is an amazing song everything about it just tickles my monkey brain. Koroshitehodo aishiteru is not a bad song however it definitely wasn’t going to fly with your average VKei fan.

  7. Rebel. I know this hasnt been fully released yet but we have like the first 2 minutes of each song. The titular song is fire. It’s finally “different” though it still sounds pretty “safe” and technical. Minus sounds like a ballad composed by Jakigan Meister. So if you think you’d be into that then you’ll like it (I personally really like Jaki). I said weeks ago that if it had a French name it’d be a banger and I was RIGHT !!! Pierrot le Fou is amazing it sounds like it could’ve been part of Killer Show. Reallly important note is that Yomi actually sounds like “Yomi” in Minus and Pierrot le Fou. Not for the whole song but there are moments where he sounds straight out of 2010-2013. So he’s definitely doing better here.

  8. Nox Lux :D. A good chunk of the songs here are very good (Night Light and Schroedinger Knife) but I think the selling point for me was the fact that that there are just a lot of very solid songs here (minus Rad Dream) which makes it the winner by default by sheer quantity.

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Not sure why this is a topic … but sharing my opinions because: counterpoints

  • Darkness Before Dawn - if I am not mistaken this was released in the “totally not a comeback concert just an anniversary tour” concert so before Ink and this is why it looks like a standalone release, though the official release of this song happened in Nox:Lux. In my opinion a beautiful song but to be brutally honest IMO Yomi’s current voice makes ballads sound… not as good. Which saddens me to say because they always had beautiful ballads (mostly courtesy of Ruka incidentally, Ruka please consider singing . . . )
  • Ink - lol my case stands Ink is an enjoyable song and so is Fear but the last song is kind of on the repetitive side and this is why people have a bad impression of this single IMO
  • Sinners - I like Sinners but it doesn’t stick. But Ruler is probably still my favorite post-hiatus song of theirs it has everything I could ask for … Chronophobia suffers from (see comment on Darkness Before Dawn) but otherwise okay.
  • Cry For The Moon - BARK does nothing for me honestly. But I love Believing because it sounds like an early 2010s power pop vk song that made into anime (it’s a good thing) and the title song is catchy in the same nostalgic way IMO.
  • Nox:Lux - individual comments here but in short I liked it
  • With - IMO the title is the weakest one which is unusual. Actually it seems like the PV version is different from the single version for some reason? Way worse actually. Anyways, really like the others but why Koroshitaihodo Aishiteru isn’t up to vk fans’ tastes? If anything it reminds me of older vk …
  • Farewell - My first impression was “wtf are they dipping again?” lol. Last time we had ByeBye never know. Thankfully Hitsu’s gaming channel flopped since he started playing boring halloween games and Gremlins never did too well (unfair IMO but) so I know at least one person who’ll push for the continuity of the band >:) meanie aside, it’s a fun song IMO :smiley: Despair sounds like the kind of stuff that would make people call them sellouts in 2010 (old Nightmare formula but lacks … the personality) but at this point we take what we get?

By the way I needed refreshers for some songs because they didn’t stick at all at first and realized the singles uploaded on Youtube have bad quality. The good news is they are on Spotify now!!! Which is not the streaming service I pay but >:( just a heads up to whoever cares!

In short, my veridict: they’re all bangers!! save for a few. Just sharing my opinions before Rebel and before I poof once more lol.