recommendations for Spanish rock music

I need to learn Spanish for school but I just have the problem that I have no connection to the language.
I basically never need to understand something in spanish (except for school of course). So I would like to find some reccomendations for Spanish rock music, for building a connection with the language and having something I could translate. The only Spanish Rock band I know and enjoy is heroes del silencio.

Thanks in advance

Tacuba cafe - eres is awesome
I love this band its like Mexican radiohead + plastic tree

Puerto Rican calle 13, just check out multi viral they got page fucking Hamilton on it, this is a personal favorite
(rock helped influence hip hop, hip hop helped influence the world) people really don’t know that it’s a rock record until the guitars come

Voltio is good too

But more well known are danzo kuduro, Don omar

Or just checkout early MISTER WORLDWIDE

If you’re willing to go deep handsome boy modelin school demos have espanol but that’s really hard to find


Panda (stylized as Pxndx) was an almost iconic Mexican rock band for 2010ish emo kids. Ask almost anybody from Mexico who had a connection to the scene around that time and they’ll know who they were.

Their most iconic songs (they’re basically a meme at this point) were

“Narcisista por Excelencia”

And “Procedimientos para llegar a un comun acuerdo.”

If you’re looking for something to translate, Narcisista would be your best bet, Procedimientos has nsfw lyrics, but if you’re looking for a connection, those two songs were basically the songs of a generation.

Since this is for school, I should also mention that the songs have official music videos too. I linked to lyrics since you mentioned translating, but if you’d need visuals, the official videos would probably be better.


Ditto on PXNDX. I love them.

Alison is good too!


Definitely PXNDX. Their last 3 albums were more serious compared to their early pop-punk/emo stuff. Here some of my favorites

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Here is a couple of the ones i like

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I have found something great randomly while looking for music of a japanese group with the same name.

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If you’re still looking for stuff, here’s something old-school:


SMASH! - EP - YouTube :slight_smile:

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These are all different genres of rock btw, but are songs I grew up listening to. Hopefully you’ll like some of them or discover more along the way :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Caifanes - Afuera Caifanes - Afuera (Cover Audio) - YouTube

Mana - Oye Mi Amor

El Haragan - Mi Muñequita Sintética

No Estoy Muerto

El Chamuco

Juan el Descuartizador

El No Lo Mato

Heavy Nopal - No Tengo Tiempo

Banda Bostik - Pandillero

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