RegÐ'alii-レグダリ- will disband

RegÐ’alii-レグダリ- will disband at 2021/02/15 since Hakuya will be leaving the project. RegÐ’alii is a session band for a limited time that was formed in April 2020.
The following members have participated temporarily:

“RegÐ’alii-レグダリ-” members:
vo. Izumi (ex.Rutiru, Tokami, シュヴァルツカイン(SchwarzKain))
gt. yu→ (ex.BLADE, La’veil MizeriA (support), LIV’ERT)
gt. 凪斗(Nagito) (ラヴェーゼ(Labaiser))
gt. 皐月-satsuki- (LIVERECHT)
ba. Gill (ex.Veriel)
ba. わたる(Wataru) (ex.コントラリエ(Contrarie))
ba. Ayaka (ex.シュヴァルツカイン(SchwarzKain))
ba. Shian (Scarlet Valse)
dr. Hakuya (ex.NightingeiL, Louder, La’veil MizeriA (support))

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