Replicating Guitar Tone

I’m wondering what I’d need to replicate either the guitar tone used by Aisaku from Deviloof, or Die from Dir En Grey. I got an amp with amp sim and fx sim capabilities I’m just curious as to what settings I’d need to come close with either my 7 string or 6 string guitar.

No desire to carbon copy I just like the tones and want to use them as a base to make my own.

I have no idea about guitars but I assume both downtune their guitars.

Have you ever tried searching up tab books. Deviloof look like a band who could still have tab books.

I have my 7 string in the tuning both Deviloof and Dir En Grey (usually) use. Tabs wise only stuff I’ve ever found is from Songsterr and Ultimate Guitar, and there’s only 3 songs on there. There is probably also some additional tabs on ex guitarist Seiya’s YouTube channel.

What era of Dir? Everything from Dum Spiro Spero and earlier they have official tab books for and if I remember correctly they have a breakdown of equipment in those.

Pretty much anything from DSS until TIW. I didn’t realize they had official tab books and if those have equipment, I guess I’ll need to find a copy of the tab books.

Sadly they stopped doing them after DSS as the old publishers folded and no one else has shown any interest in publishing tab books for them since. Presumably it’s not something they are chasing to get done but they’re not against the idea so maybe one day they’ll do books for later albums. :slight_smile:

I can’t find it now, but there was a video on YouTube from mixing Deviloof’s album “Oni”. I remember that there was used Bias FX for guitars. Settings were simple, like amp and distortion pedal, that’s all.