reset memory first album "still life" & PV out now~

we’re a band from Dallas, TX w/ a new album and video out today.

what kind of music is it? i have no idea, but june & i have been following the scene for 10+ years;
here’s what we’ve made of it.
it’s out on all streaming platforms, but there’s a link at the bottom of this post in case anyone else still prefers iTunes as much as me.

stream on:
Spotify | Youtube | Apple Music

01- rsm.ini (2:23) -SE-
02- casi cielo (4:09) PV
03- aurora borealis (2:55) PV
04- in the rain (4:55)
05- endgame (4:44)
06- missing (3:38)
07- tea lights (2:34)
08- if all else fails (5:59) PV
09- white rose (2:07)
10- 人間失格 (4:09)
11- 存在証明 (4:13)
12- amaretto (3:36)
13- a dream of waking (2:29)
14- countless funerals for spring (11:21)

our PV for casi cielo, filmed in infrared in San Antonio

album ddl as .m4a from MEGA
if you only check one track out… t.14 is my favourite. that’s why it’s so long~