reset memory first album "still life" & PV out now~

we’re a band from Dallas, TX w/ a new album and video out today.

what kind of music is it? i have no idea, but june & i have been following the scene for 10+ years;
here’s what we’ve made of it.
it’s out on all streaming platforms, but there’s a link at the bottom of this post in case anyone else still prefers iTunes as much as me.

stream on:
Spotify | Youtube | Apple Music

01- rsm.ini (2:23) -SE-
02- casi cielo (4:09) PV
03- aurora borealis (2:55) PV
04- in the rain (4:55)
05- endgame (4:44)
06- missing (3:38)
07- tea lights (2:34)
08- if all else fails (5:59) PV
09- white rose (2:07)
10- 人間失格 (4:09)
11- 存在証明 (4:13)
12- amaretto (3:36)
13- a dream of waking (2:29)
14- countless funerals for spring (11:21)

our PV for casi cielo, filmed in infrared in San Antonio

album ddl as .m4a from MEGA
if you only check one track out… t.14 is my favourite. that’s why it’s so long~


almost a year later… i’ve swapped out all the album’s audio w/ an updated mix.
Spotify | Youtube | Apple Music

i’ve always liked our songwriting, but i finally feel confident showing it to anyone with a much more confident mix and presentation.

firstly - a huge thanks to Eunbi Hina for lending her voice to the first track. she’s an incredible vocalist i hope to hear more of - check her project caged bird syndrome for a beautiful soft shoegaze ballad.

secondly - i’ve got to thank this site’s own @NewsMan for making ANY of this remix/remaster possible.
Not only did he mix engineer my vocals back from the dead on tracks 4, 9, & 11, his critiques and direction led to huge improvements in how i laid out the instrumental mix in casi cielo & 存在証明.
Both i felt were the weakest of the album prior, but now have their own standing and raison d’être.

anyone who’s a vocalist or does vocal mixing work, look at this…
compare the old (mine) vs the current (NewsMan’s) mix of the same song, 「in the rain」.
not only do the vocals sound stronger and smoother throughout the whole track, the properly engineered vocal track is so much smaller in the mix, giving me space to bring june’s guitars forward in a way i meant to but couldn’t before manage.
that’s the power of having a dedicated specialist vs doing it yourself, isn’t it?

and i owe a shoutout as well to @Ghostpepper for always being down to offer honest thoughts and feedback - i’m not sure if what i do matches your or anyone’s definition of vkei lol but i’ve noticed i always like my works better when i take your production notes seriously!

now all that’s left is to find out how to properly promote this thing that’s been about ten years in the making…

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I know I’ve said it a million times but thank you so much for letting me be a part of this project <3

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