Revisiting some old, MH shenanigans because the forum asked me to lol (Requested by @platy)

This is by request of @platy and @disposable (Idk what your current username is here, dispo) and I originally made this post on MH, so I’m gonna paste it here, because platy told me to post it here too lol.

Disclaimer before I begin: You should definitely not interact with the two people here mentioned by name if you come across them for your own good.

"I thought I’d make this since people in the chat told me they would read it.
For those who don’t know, between the years of 2016 and 2018, a naiive and underage me brought a certain two people onto MH. You may know them as Sakurakurakura and Kakuyakuseruroido, but I know them as Tetsuya Matsumoto and Daniela Ramirez. It is now typically regarded as one of the crazier things to happen on the forum, and ya girl was in the center of it all lol.

I first met Tetsuya in 2016. I actually didn’t think much when I first added him on FB, but he messaged me as soon as I added him and we began talking about old Vkei. He tells me he’s a bandman in Japan, and I, the young and impressionable wannabe vkei bandwoman, didn’t question him and went along with it.
One thing that I didn’t notice at the time, but definitely do looking back: He was really weirdly friendly to me from the get-go. Like, super affectionate, to the point where we were basically best friends within a week.

Daniela Ramirez was the name of his GF. She’s a hairstylist or something from Mexico. She’s all kawaii and all that on the outside, but she’s actually a wannabe tough girl chola type on the inside.

Then, there is my friend, who I’m not gonna name, but she’s still a close friend to me today and after this incident, we look out for eachother and everything.

Anyways, Tetsuya told me he had a band called “Diable” (stylized with a bunch of weird lettering) and even sent me a link to some of his band’s music. He was pretty convincing with the bandman act too. He spoke Japanese well enough, was close with a few bandmen (namely Tsubasa from Wakaruba and Sutari from La;Cen-Zhow). I think he actually does visit Japan and does know some bandman, but he doesn’t live there, but I’ll get to that in a bit.
Tetsuya made me “promotion staff” of his band and so I introduced him to MH so he could promote his music. He was an old school dude and I thought you guys would appreciate his work. Yeah his work never went into fruition and immediately, @WhirlingBlack noticed something odd about him. His IP address was in Argentina.

Now, according to Tetsuya, this is because he had family in Argentina and visited there often, and used a proxy to watch Argentinian movies. This didn’t seem sus to me because there is a huge Japanese diaspora community in Brazil, Argentina and Peru, so it wasn’t far fetched imo.

I also introduced his GF to the forum, and I am sure y’all remember them PDA’ing in the status updates like a bunch of fucking hoes lmao.
However, some personal drama on the forum due to a misunderstanding that made me look completely stupid (which I won’t deny I was) caused me to leave for a while, which is where I really noticed Tetsuya was acting weird.

For one, his singles never came into fruition. What he told me he and “Ryohei” would release, never did. Eventually, drama started ensuing between him and Daniela. She would complain to me a lot about Tetsuya, and I would give her advice. She would also tell me about her jealousy issues with my friend. Eventually, Tetsuya tried to break up with Daniela and began expressing feelings for my friend. In a rage, Daniela went and fucking BERATED my friend for what happened. To top it all off, when talking on the phone with my friend, Tetsuya began masturbating to her (without her consent), and most notably said “kimochiiiiii” in the ugliest voice when orgasming. While harassing my friend and calling her some of the ugliest names, she admitted Tetsuya is actually a fake, living in Argentina.

Eventually, me and my friend were like “Holy fuck, these people are just completely toxic and we should just cut them off”, so that’s what we did. We eventually began telling people on FB of our experience with them, and some people came out and actually expressed that they were groomed by Tetsuya and that he’s a pedophile. Also, to top it off, we had some drama with an underage girl from Kentucky who was involving herself with older bandmen (most notably Ayato from DaturA, who we actually think might have caused a big enough scandal to get him to leave the band) and while Tetsuya claimed that he expressed disinterest in her and all that… I don’t believe it. I think that he was also intending to groom me, but when he found out I was a lesbian, gave up and kinda just kept me as a third wheel. He claimed to be my brother and everything, but would barely even reply to me half the time.

Tetsuya still has a social media presence but he’s moved onto Kpop now, but he doesn’t really do much online since everyone knows who he is now.
Daniela, well, idk what happened to her. I imagine she’s still working as a hairstylist in Mexico. I feel sorry for her sometimes but I don’t like what she said to my friend, especially since she didn’t ask for any of this (especially not for Tetsuya literally masturbating on the phone to her)"

I should add that Tetsuya also has real beef with some bandmen, most notably Patrik from Bataar. Tetsuya was friends with his GF, and according to him, Patrik was an abuser who was controlling his GF, and according to Patrik, his GF was cheating on him with Tetsuya (I personally believe it’s a bit of both).

There is some speculation that Tetsuya and Daniela were the same person but they’re not. They’re seperate and crazy for different reasons. Both have sent me photos of them, videos of them, and I’ve spoken with both on the phone before, and have seen a few pics of them together. Tetsuya has an effeminate male voice, while Daniela sounds like a typical kawaii girl with a Mexican accent. Nah, Tetsuya is crazy because he’s a groomer who put up a semi-convincing act and says “kimochi” when he cums, and Daniela is crazy because she blames the unconsenting girl for what her deadbeat boyfriend does.

Here is a link to an old thread on MH involving Tetsuya. If all else fails, just search the MH archive for the user “Sakurakurakura”


I should also mention that he came up with the name “Hellencore Records”, but after I cut him off, I continued to use the name out of spite lmao. He actually created a fake twitter for hellencore and tried to threaten legal shit lol

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what the fuck lmao. On another section of the internet I go to, we call those lolcows and both of them seem pretty damn substantial. Like, it’s one thing to just be a crazy fangirl/boy/enby but trying to get into the actual scene is completely insane. I really feel for your friend with what happened because I’ve had something similar happen when I played a specific MMO and it’s disgusting and violating in the most basic of ways.
Thank you for the PSA my dude. Please be careful out there in the wilds of the internet, guys. There’s creeps and weirdos everywhere.


Man, there were so many crazy weirdos that visited MH in those 11 years (RIP). Thanks for preserving this on the internet.

And yeah, there are a lot of creepy and unhinged people on the net. One of the reasons why I usually lurk and stay in the back and also never give away personal info.

Dafuq did I just read?!
Thank you for keeping this story alive. :crown:

That’s vile.

That’s stuff sounds creepy.
I am sorry for your friend that she had to go through this.

wtf I’ve just read.

sounds awful…
but well there are so many more crazy people and fakers online, just watch out :smiley:

Crazy stuff… Sorry for your friend. I have no words, this is insane. D: