RIBBON request

Hey there people. I search for a particular song by a rather obscure band from 2002 and thought about giving it a shot over here.

I have been kind of obsessed with RIBBON (they were formed by Emiru during Lareine hiatus and also included Kanzaki, who I simply adore) for a few years now, although they were barely around and only released like 6 songs. I really dig their Beautiful & Resistance EP but it irritates me to no end not having been able to hear their only other song, titled ‘finale’ which was a mailorder-only release. I don’t even think about being able to somehow get a physical copy of that thing but oh well, if anybody possesses this song in any form and is willing to share or has any pointers, I would be thrilled.

I know, this is reaaaally obscure and stuff but hey, a boy can dream :’)


The support section isn’t meant to be a place for requesting an upload because JRO is piracy-free. Otherwise, this section will be filled with such requests which is against our policy and the purposes of the support section.

However, you’re perfectly fine to ask where or how to buy it. Thanks for understanding.