Rides In ReVellion free concert on YouTube

Rides In ReVellion has published on their social networks a free concert on YouTube for 2021/02/15.




I have watched it just now , not very good at Japanese, but I heard their have new single coming out soon.

Also, I recognised the support drummer is the one supporting そこに鳴る (sokoninaru) as well.

They announced a lot more than just a single.

  1. the start of their fanclub
  2. a oneman tour with three concerts in summer
  3. three releases with live streaming throughout three months
  4. an online store

They called the drummer Shiyu, when I heard right.

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『3 LIFE Streaming』

4.21 1st LIVE
4.28 1st Streaming

5.21 2nd LIVE
5.28 2nd Streaming

6.21 3rd LIVE
6.28 3rd Straming

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RIR covering the GazettE’s PLEDGE

Why does it look like they’re leaving visual kei?