Rides In ReVellion New Visual and Single "FALLING STAR" Release

Rides In ReVellion are going to be releasing their 2nd single of the year, and their 10th single overall.

It seems both the title of the single and lead track are dubbed “FALLING STAR”. The latter of which will release with an MV on 2022.12.16.

The members also landed with a new cosmic visual to accompany the single’s theme!

Following this, the members have ONEMAN dates set for December 18th and 30th respectively, where they should be performing their new music.


Nice, but if it’s not gonna be on iTunes on 12/16 it doesn’t mean much lol

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MV spot released! It feels like it’ll be quite the fast-paced and robust song, with the bassline taking more of a prominent role this time.

Also, this section might possibly be the very finale of the song, as the production sfx sounds similar to what’s present in the last couple seconds of “Asayake Wo Matsu”.


The high quality MV has been released with English subtitles for the first time in a long while!

It turns out to be a twin vocal piece with TaJi, expanding off the pop rock sound of the band.

Also, FALLING STAR is already available for streaming on various platforms too! ‎Falling Star by Rides In ReVellion on Apple Music

My favourite aspects of the song are all the exciting guitar solos, and the way the two vocalists satisfyingly shift between singing and talking throughout.

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