ROMiO. pauses activities

ROMiO. has announced that they have paused activities as of July 8 due to the influence of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, their next scheduled live for July 24 has been cancelled.

In the meantime, ROMiO. members will participate at Urawa Narciss’ annual live festival on 8/15. The show will be available for streaming on Twitcasting.

【礼音 三重奏(from ROMiO.)】
Vocal:礼音 (Leon (?)) (ROMiO.)
Piano: 金子将昭 (Kaneko Masaaki)
Bass:YOU (ROMiO.)

【RF (Radiant×Future)】
support member
Guitar:Toshiaki (ROMiO.)
Bass:ゆーすけ (Yusuke) (ex-ドクターモルモット (Doctor Marmot), ギザ (Giza))
Drums:tosi.(ex-Edge Of Black smiths)