rotting in dirt (chaotic metalcore)

hi! shared my band’s old-old-old stuff on the old site, but we’ve come…a long way since then (new lineup and all that jazz) and we’re putting out a new EP next week on Zegema Beach Records.

i’d say we’re a kinda chaotic, pseudo-mathy metalcore band (ffo stuff like Gaza, Every Time I Die, Converge, etc.), but definitely pull influences from all over the spectrum (a little black metal here, a little nu-metal there, y’know).

that being said, we just dropped a new single on all streaming platforms and will have another out next week right before the album drops. put our pre-save link and the track below. hope you dig and thanks for listening!

Pre-save “I Am Eating My Shame” on Spotify

rotting in dirt - Memory Bias


Damn actually really legit. Definitely will be checking y’all out from now on.

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thanks so much for taking the time to listen!! :blush:

Dude this is awesome, so sick. Definitely looking forward to more material, you guys are very promising

Edit: Oh I remember listening to your band a few years ago, you guys have totally come a long way. Keep it up

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thank you so much for listening!! i appreciate it!

and yeah - we’ve definitely made some strides since back then i think. from almost just kinda calling it quits due to pandemic shit and then changing half our lineup, we’re kinda considering this a “soft relaunch” haha. thank you again! :smiley:

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hi again! figured i’d drop this here since we’re gearing up to release the EP this week.

our new video / final single is premiering on BrooklynVegan right now. check it out and tell a friend if you dig? <3

“Gallows in Static” video premiere

alright this is the last time i post in here, but the EP is out on all platforms today and i’m over the moon hyped, so i figured i’d share with ye denizens of the visual kei forum (i wear makeup when we play sometimes, we can call it related in the same way a distant cousin is)

anyway, thanks to the kind souls that have taken interest and put up with my rambling leading up to this. rest assured i’ll loop back around for the next one. :sweat_smile: (and who here can get me in touch with gulugulu Ai for a guest vocal spot?? would pay good money to get him on the track!! :facepunch:)


This y’all?

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yes indeed! :slight_smile:

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