Royz new look「IN THE STORM」+ new single release


They’ll have a one-man live @ 2021.01.09 「IN THE STORM-零-」at the venue 川崎CLUB CITTA.

We might expect a new release anytime soon, usually new look is a new release :stuck_out_tongue:


The look is great and I like the title for a new album or single. I hope they give us something good in 2021!!

Great! Let’s hope it’s a new album😍

Kodai reminds me of Piddy from that band I forgot :o

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You mean Pitty from Morrigan? Yeah he kinda looks like him with that hairstyle

their new maxi-single “IN THE STORM” will be released at 2021/03/10 (3 types)

TYPE A (1800yen) will include CD (2 songs) and DVD including “IN THE STORM” PV+Making
TYPE B (1800yen) will include CD (2 songs) and DVD
TYPE C (1500yen) will include CD (3 songs) + karaoke ver.


New song sounds really good!

Yeah same! I like their new song as well ^^

They are such talented musicians, but most of the things they create are so samey and “safe” I can’t pass the halfway point in most of their A-sides.


Another good song. But I have to agree they do tend to play it safe a lot. The songs are good, no question. But like… I’d love to see another Ignite-type song.

It’s nice to see that they’re still around and release stuff! :smiley:
They are one of my favourite bands. :heart:

Used to be a huge fan, got sick of them but wow Subaru’s voice used to be soooo much better, what happened?

it’s fine, but i don’t find it interesting at all. inoffesive and a bit bland.