Ruiza (guitarist of D) releasing new CD "to exist"

Ruiza, guitarist of visual-kei band D, will release a new album “to exist” on April 30th.\

  1. Eleven (Remix)
  2. One
  3. faith (Re-Recording)
  4. sphere
  5. Round&Round
  6. serendipity (Re-Recording)
  7. Decipher
  8. Nexus
  9. Deep blue
  10. Within (Re-Recording)
  11. Amethyst
  12. to exist
  13. abyss
  14. Connect
  15. Distortion
  16. Amenity Gain (Re-Recording)

I’m not sure about every track, but I can confirm “serendipity”, “faith”, “sphere”, “abyss”, and “deep blue” all come from the abyss release. “amenity gain”, “within” are from amenity gain release. “One”, “Round&Round”, “Distortion” are from the One mini album. “Nexus”, “Connect” are from the refrain mini. I couldn’t place anything else, but if you got this far and realized there’s a lot more to Ruiza’s solo activities than meets the eye, then you can join me on the hype train.

All info sourced from Thanks for being boss.