Ryo from Crystal Lake leaves the band

Ryo (Vo.) from Crystal Lake is leaving the band due to adjustment disorder.

Oh my god that news hitted me like a punch in the face. This is so sad I can‘t even…
I know he is not the founding singer of Crystal Lake but in my opinion he is the face of the latest succes they gained worldwide.
It will be tough for „them“ (As I know there is only one original guitarist left) to find a replacement for Ryo.

But they are trying and started a vocal audition. :sweat_smile:


I saw this shit coming


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I’ve had a feeling this would happen eventually. Hopefully he’ll keep doing guest spots.

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Yeah me too. The silence was obvious though…
I had hope as he did some features in the last months.

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YD is the only left original member, also he is the main composer, so that part wont change a lot at least.
Gaku was with CL almost as long as Ryo though, its just that he stayed support drummer for years for them

I fully agree with you here. Especially the amount of features with Ryo makes you aware that CL high likley wouldnt have become the same they are now without Ryo.

Now let me come up with some shit from 5ch.
Japanese fans suspected already since a long time that Ryo was struggeling with his mental health, his lyrics are the biggest indicator here.

Can we please talk about how the japanese metalcore scene took a big hit at the moment?
Crossfaith not only canceling their oversea tour but also the remaining lives in japan, now Ryo leaving CL… What comes next?

I am happy at least to see the newer generation doing well, with Paledusk touring US. Sable Hills had been in Europe this year etc.


CL won’t be the same without Ryo, so good luck to 'em to find someone who can equal such a voice.


I was at work when I read this and was so bummed out the remainder of the day :frowning: But at the same time I figured it was coming, I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately and how he’s been completely silent while the other guys are quite active on insta.
Not sure how I feel about them posting the announcement for Ryo leaving and immediately launching the audition (like wait for a day or something) but at the same time I’m sure the other guys are eager to get back in the studio, I remember YD doing an insta live last summer (I think it was last summer?) and talking about how they have new songs to record so…

All in all this makes me really sad. I’m sad that Ryo isn’t feeling well, I’m sad he had to leave, I’m sad that I never got to see this line-up live and I’m sad (and a little scared) that I might not like their future releases, since vocalists are the make or break thing for me in music.

Sorry for the novel, I just have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this atm :sweat_smile:


I saw some people critizising posting those two posts so short after each other, but take it from another point of view. Leaving a day of rest in between would have made fans worry that CL might disband completly, so posting them at almost the same time was actually a good decision.

I think this goes for a lot of people. Leave your thoughts out, thats what this thread is for.


While for me, CL died when Kentaro left since the pure passion and aggression was gone and was replaced with a bland and boring, run-of-the-mill westernized style (their post “Passion before fashion” didn’t age well - but well that is probably what made them get more fans), I am suprised to read about their current vocalists struggles. If I recall right, Kentaro left because of similiar reasons (I think it was BPD?). I hope they both get the help they need and take the time to recover.
INTO THE GREAT BEYOND was such a beast of an album…


I had the horrible feeling this would happen so I am completely gutted over this. I was recently diagnosed with Bi Polar Disorder type 2 so reading Ryo speak on his struggles was heart breaking. That’s been me the past 2 years nonstop (and honestly off and on for most my life). This was the first band where I finally understood fans who talk about a band getting them through dark times. I’m lucky since I got to see them live (literally as the world was closing down) and got to meet Ryo. He was super kind and did me a huge favor. Absolutely miserable that I will never feel that joy again. Hope he finds some type of peace.


Maybe you got some hope left. Ryo mentioned in his own tweet, that he is parting ways with CL but he wants to return to stage again.


Devastating news, Ryo was a big part of CL image and showmanship.
I wonder who they’ll manage to find as an replacement as they made the audition worldwide :thinking:

Codomo Dragon’s Kana also has adjustment disorder (at least that’s what I remember reading) and he’s back doing music again, so I hope that Ryo can also continue to make music in the future. If not full on touring then at the very least guest features on songs or something. He’s too good to not sing again :pensive:


Ritsu from Nicolas also just left the band for the same reason. Seems to be a popular disorder amongst musicians.

A adjustment disorder should actually be fine after around 6 month, if the trigger has been removed. Thats the theory.


Mental disorder/trouble is something pretty common when it comes to singers, especially in the metal scene. Some will openly speak about it, when others, most of 'em, will restrict themselves to putting it into lyrics. I guess that’s why one become vocalist at first: to express something wrong.

Diving yourself into the wrong vibes of what you wrote/lived about is something you need to scream/growl/whatever that sh*t out. And… it’s not something safe for your mental balance. And it’s a really long, tough job to suceed splitting yourself and your mind to not suffer those side effects :confused:

Let’s hope he’ll find that needed peace of mind far from CL and come back in a safe way for him.


In case anyone is curios what Ryo is doing currently

On the album Explode, I participated in the guitar arrangement/performance (and just a little bit of the chorus lol) on two songs, Black Flys and Speed.


They’re playing coldrain’s BLARE FEST in February