Sable Hills sign with Arising Empire + 3rd album release

Sable Hills signed with german label Arising Empire

Arising Empire Website

And their new album “Odyssey” will be released in April 2024


About the Band:

Formed in September 2015 by brothers Takuya (Vo) and Rict (Gt), the band has released two full-length albums, three EPs, and four singles to date.The band is often referred to as “the future of metal” because of their "sound that proves metal to the young and metalcore to the old.The band has supported numerous international bands on their visits to Japan, and in 2017 performed at BLOODAXE FESTIVAL at Kawasaki Club Citta’ and Crystal Lake’s TRUE NORTH FESTIVAL at Shinkiba Studio Coast. In April 2021, they won the audition for the right to participate in Germany’s largest metal festival Wacken Open Air, and in August 2022, they won the first place out of 28 countries in the Wacken Open Air final tournament and the first place in the world.In June 2023, the band will perform a one-man live show at Daikanyama UNIT in Daikanyama, Tokyo, featuring a complete re-creation of DUALITY and new songs.In August 2023, the band announced the addition of Wataru (Gt / Vo) as a regular member, and held its first headlining tour “Chaos J.P. 2023” in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.In September of the same year, the band will participate in two conceptual shows, “Undoing Ruin Vs. Deliver Us Japan 2023” with Darkest Hour, the band’s first visit to Japan in 11 years from the U.S., and Japan’s “Thousand Eyes”.
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Currently Band Line up:

Vocals - Takuya Mishima
Guitar - Rict Mishima
Guitar/ Vocals - Wataru Yuasa
Bass - Takuya Ueda
Drums - Keita Kondo


Adding here the two latest songs they released. Odyssey was released on the 11th January and No Turning Back 2hours ago


So Sable Hills album was pushed back till June.
28th June to be exact.

And now we will get another single called “Battle Cry” instead on the 16th May