Sadie comeback with two concerts in 2024

So is this just a reunion for a couple of gigs? Or a full come back with new music incoming? Just wondering if this is the end of THE THIRTEEN.

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I honestly think it depends on what happens towards the end of the tour dates they announced. I know some bands have been doing limited revivals. So far it seems like the band will be doing future activities since the fan club is re-opened. At least that’s what this move implies, but I wouldn’t consider them opening the fan club a revival of the band until they officially announce something related to the bands status. To my knowledge, I don’t think there was an official announcement of a full revival of Sadie just the live dates and the fan club. They went on hiatus for undisclosed reasons in 2015 and since then it’s been dead until now. That’s about 8 years of this band being on hiatus.

I don’t think The Thirteen was a continuation of Sadie I believe its one of mao’s projects same with axessory etc… Him probably playing around with ideas he had that don’t fit Sadie’s style :thinking:

As of right now I would consider this band to be semi active for now. This aside I am hoping they fully revive and for them to make new music. Like a new era and stuff. This would help vkei a lot. So many memories came from Sadie and I’m also sure for a lot of other Sadie fans as well. I’m sure there’s some awoi fans in the crowd too attending those lives :sweat_smile:


Slightly off topic but briefly:

12012 revival was rather slow and it was recently decided to be set to 2023-12-12 at ebisu liquid room. They had trouble with recording and scheduling which seemed like the case. I think 3 of the other members are in active other vkei bands along with being in 12012 so it makes sense.


Guess it’s wait and see what happens.

Yup :sweat_smile:

Totally, my thoughts exactly. Sad thinking I’ve aged more than these guys in the past, what, nine years? 8O

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I know its been too long :sob:

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How fitting

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New Mv at 2023/09/21


Meisai… not my favorite from them, but cool.
At least we can’t doubt a true return.

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Oh fk yea new pv for one of my fav songs :fire:

Meisai is the one that defines them.
Back when it was released all young new VK bands covered it.

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I bet 2 cents that Ryo trackmaker mixed the song and destroyed the rawness of the original one.

Well I cannot complain :smiley: there’s already a few versions of Meisai but I’m never gonna NOT by happy when it comes on - It’s truly their iconic track

15+ years later this song will finally get the PV it deserves, if the 13teen recent videos are indicative of what’s coming

they look gorgeous

If it is him on drums??? I believe he was never in Sadie to my knowledge? May have supported the band at best??? I believe the drummer in sadie is kei not ryo. Overall ryo generally has a tendency of improving tracks instrumentally. His is mixing/mastering work is okayish.

This is also assuming that sadie does a 2023 re-recording of Meisai (Which seems to be the case so far judging from the photo). Seeing as how Face Music Japan is no longer around it would probably be up to one of the members to do mixing for that or they use the original re-recording from the early 2010’s :sweat_smile:

Off topic side note: I did like how ALONE and LAMENT was mixed. It was just the album i had some issues with the bass. :confused:

No, Ryo was drummer of girugamesh not Sadie. But After girugamesh, he started to mix and mastered many bands in Jrock VK (include the thirteen, Lynch etc. ) . And he tends to often create the same sound for every bands.

Could you explain what was your issues with bass of Alone and Lament ?

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Probably has been been a miscommunication :sweat_smile:

We are probably talking about two different ryo band members. The ryo im talking about did not drum for girugamesh but drummed for (AWOI, the thirteen etc…)

The Ryo your talking about was neither involved with the thirteen or sadie to my knowledge which i assume is the drummer for girugamesh your speaking about?? I just wanted to make sure im confused a bit

And the album I meant was ENIGMA having problems not Alone and Lament. If you wanna discuss that topic we can move that to another thread respectfully :slight_smile:

ЯyoTrackMaker did recording, mixing and mastering for ICY, the 13teen mini-album - 【GR13-0033】The THIRTEEN / ICY | grassthread グラスレ


:thinking: I didn’t know that. Thank you for the info seems like there are multiple ryo’s involved I must have just been confused