Saikou says hello!

Hey guys, it’s Saikou. Feel free to call me Dasha, though. I’m a somewhat familiar face to some of you, my classic MH avatar and all (wish I could bring my banner with me though [EDIT: I have made a new one to fit this forum, hooray!]). Anyway, VK has been my main passion for about 4 years now and I’m still going strong! I also listen to non-VK stuff (mostly western rock and JP Shoegazer) too but not as much. I listen to all kinds of VK stuff, from pop-rock to metalcore, Oshare to Angura, so we probably have some bands in common I bet :wink: I lean more to the old school/Angura side these days, though.

My favourite band has been Malice Mizer for almost all of those 4 years as well, they are absolutely incredible and never cease to amaze me. My other newer favourite bands are Plastic Tree, cali≠gari and Guniw Tools. More about my listening history can be found on my Last.FM (you might have seen me around there before, I shout a lot lmao) and if you’re hip with the trends you might have seen me on Wavy.FM too.

Anyway, that should be all for now. An end of an era begets the dawn of another, so here I am. I’m hoping to have a fun time praising/shit-talking all of the new bands/songs/albums/hijinks we’ll see. I hope to work together with you guys to make this place feel like a new home :hugs:


Hey, @Total_Saikou ! I knew you would come. Thanks for joining us!

Your music taste in VK is so various. There are a lot to discover in old school VK especially the bands from the 90’s and 2000’s.

I hope you enjoy this place where you can discuss about your favorite VK bands and everything else. Let’s build this community together!



Oh snap.

I honestly never heard of so i’ll check it out. Thanks!


@nick Yup, you read me like a book, haha! And thank you, I don’t know why but I just love every sort of sound in VK scene. It’s nice to have such genre variety in one place, I think. There’s still more for me to explore, even after all these years!

I’m glad to be here. I’m totally willing to work with you and everyone to make this place an awesome new hub for news and discussions. Here’s to a bright future!

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Oh, nice taste. Alright, sounds great! Don’t forget to add me on Wavy if you get an account :smiley:

Saikouuuuuuu!!! Hiiiii!! It’s so nice to see you here!! I can’t wait for another round of trade-offs where we can exchange songs and bands that we like and fangirl together :weary::two_hearts:!!

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Another familiar face from MH (not just by your avatar but also your name).

According to our compatibility is really high even though I’m not using it as much anymore since I don’t listen to that much music from the PC anymore.
First band I relate to you is Plastic Tree and I wonder, whether that would change, if you used another avatar or not. xDD (which doesn’t mean you shall do, that thought just came up my mind)

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Likewise, Beatrice! I’m super excited about this forum’s first-ever trade-off, I hope we can be partners again :heart:

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Hey Kuro, long time no see! I remember you too, man. I’m glad to know that you’ve got the best music taste (my taste) (just kidding now~!).

Hmm, maybe, I use Ryutaro for a lot of my avatars except for my Last.FM gif ones. A long time ago, I primarily used Mana-sama as my avatar and people could tell that I was an MM/MdM fan immediately. Anyway, I’m happy with being seen as a huge Kurage these days, though I still practice my love for other bands too

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Welcome! Glad to have you here! Hope we can talk! Cheers :smiley:

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Hi, Saikou! And welcome! Super happy you made it here~ =D That’s what I love about VK - one can find a wide variety of bands/genres/sounds/etc. and there’s always so much to discover whether it’s an old indie band or a more well-known band with its more obscure songs.

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As much as some bands might mean more to us there are too many other great bands to not do. :smiley:

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I live for your userpic. Who is it next to Bou? www

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Brandon :wink:


It’s Joe Biden lol