Sailing Before the Wind adds official members + new single "Vanishing Figure" release

Sailing Before The Wind added Ryoichi on vocals, Kosuke on Guitar and Liku on Guitar as official members to their line up.

(From left to right)
Liku (Guitar)
Bitoku (Bass)
Ryoichi (Vocals)
Hiroki (Touring Drums)
Kosuke (Guitar)

Now some on here might know that Ryoichi and Kosuke are actually far longer members, but they were till now accounted as live members. And Liku is new to the line up.
And Hiroki stays as touring drummer.

Liku is also still member of a emo band called Fools in the Castle. He plays the bass for them. You can check one of their MVs out here

And dont ask me why he writes himself with L instead R, its confusing.

Besides that we will get a new Single on the 19th May.


New song and MV are out
I think visually wise it’s pretty impressive how well they managed to fit their guest vocal in.

Song wise, i did listen to it n Spotify at midnight and my brain had to process it at first :laughing:
That clean part at the end is stuck in my brain currently already, so that is good :blue_heart::blue_heart:


What makes this band compelling to follow:

  1. All their insane guest features
  2. Using said guest features to push past their limitations in new directions.

I don’t think I would have seen the day where SBTW uses cleans…and it sounds good!

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