Sailing Before The Wind new single "One Step Over" (feat Jonathan Thorpenberg from The Unguided) release

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^ it will be released on 3/11

Please add some context to your post before posting.

It’s right in the tweet.

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There needs to be more context for those who don’t read Japanese.

We can have a discussion now if i would have needed to ad the date or if a person could have taken it from the tweet, like sume7 did.

But i will try to remember it next time.

New song is out.
love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: they will still release a visualizer video
(I thought already, where is it? But eitherway)

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I think i got emotional reading the lyrics :pleading_face:


For any guitarist on here. You can get the tabs for the song for free.

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We did get a remix of the song
And it’s :relieved::ok_hand:

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Sailing released a bunch of remixes of One Step Over a day ago

One Step Over (Remixes)

  1. One Step Over (DEADSOULXIII Remix)
  2. One Step Over (DVR3N Remix)
  3. One Step Over (RyokuSatori Remix)
  4. One Step Over (Monomythic Remix)

(Source )

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