Sailing Before The Wind new single "One Step Over" (feat Jonathan Thorpenberg from The Unguided) release

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^ it will be released on 3/11

Please add some context to your post before posting.

It’s right in the tweet.

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There needs to be more context for those who don’t read Japanese.

We can have a discussion now if i would have needed to ad the date or if a person could have taken it from the tweet, like sume7 did.

But i will try to remember it next time.

New song is out.
love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: they will still release a visualizer video
(I thought already, where is it? But eitherway)

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I think i got emotional reading the lyrics :pleading_face:


For any guitarist on here. You can get the tabs for the song for free.

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