Sailing Before The Wind new single "Rain or Shine" release

New single will be released on the 28th October

You all know i am excited for a new single :heart_eyes::heart::sparkles:


Nearly everything on Apple Music by them is acoustic.

Acoustic? Or instrumental?
Sure you searched the right artist up :thinking:

Think I got confused because nearly everything they have has an instrumental version and Apple Music doesn’t have as much as iTunes does. Looks like they do a lot of guest vocal spots which I’m not really a fan of, prefer new bands especially to stand on their own merits.

New? They are past the 10years already.
It’s not always guest vocals, they have some songs with guest guitarists instead.

10 years? Oh it didn’t load them all. I see now 2011 was the first single. That’s pretty crazy then that this band has flown under the raradar for a decade.

You mean the discography on apple music?

Yes, 2011 Horizon was released (if my brain serves me right)
They did had a different vocalist at that time still.
With around 20 line up changes and the bassist Bitoku being the only founding member left, i think the fact that they managed to stay with 2 different vocalists is at least good.

It’s out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and it’s awesome and
I was happy to hear that it has a bass solo

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Expanded version was released, which includes the instrumental and demo version of the song

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