Sarigia Natsu Plastic Surgery

Ok so I’ve followed him for a long time through past bands and I’ve noticed it appears he has quite a bit of work done. I was wondering if anyone else noticed this or am I just seeing things? People want to talk about Gackt and Mia the most for plastic surgery but I think Natsu may take first prize.

He was once in a band called Mas’ke=Raid under the name Koudai that was from 2012 to 2013 this was when I first knew of him. After they disbanded he went into the band MeAble and was there until they disbanded and he then changed his name to Natsu to play guitar for Sarigia. Unfortunately Sarigia has disbanded and I’m not sure what he’s doing now.

The first two photos on top are what he used to look like during his Mas’ke=Raid and MeAble days. The bottom three photos are what he looks like now from his time in Sarigia. Notice a big difference? If I hadn’t followed him from long ago I wouldn’t have known it was the same guy.

a lot of vkei and idol dudes get work done, especially on their noses

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No idea who the person is. What do you want to discuss here?
Most famous people do something with their faces. Not sure how famous he is tho.

Interesting that this pops up now after this guy hasn’t been seen in over a year…
Personally I wouldn’t say he has anything done. Makeup and filters do alot these days. (You can even see the filters clearly in Natsus newer pictures)
Sure, there is still a posibility that he did a nosejob but if I compare it to my favourite artist it seems quite similiar, as in he also looks like he did something to his nose but in reality it’s all just alot of contouring and if the makeup-person didn’t do it’s job propperly, you can see his actual nose-shape.
I’d say that goes for most other guys in this scene aswell but in the end we don’t know


seconding this, just looks like a ton of filters and maaaybe a nose job, hard to tell.


Looks like he just used a shit ton of filters in his new pics and possibly discovered the facetune smoothing tool


They just wanna look pretty for the girlies.

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