SCAPEGOAT will disband

Where was it available in the end? It is a shame about the lack of previews :frowning:

bought a physical copy from cdjapan lmao

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Official sample from Japan HMV for those who might be interested in how their final album sounds.

I would say, they are still remain their style pretty strong, some songs are as close as their early era too.

<3 FXXKING LOVE Tr.8 infection <3

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It’s their best album yet!

For folks who have yet to listen to the album, it is now up on spotify along with the rest of scapegoat’s discography! AMAZING


I hope they add more, my top favs arent still there but its nice that a lot more songs have been added! also their last album just slaps, very happy with what they left behind.

This destroys me a bit.

They had a good run though, and left solid releases for us so can’t complain too much.

Too sad almost hate getting back into this. Sad :sob: