SCAPEGOAT will disband

SCAPEGOAT will disband after their live at 2021/12/01 at TSUTAYA O-EAST.

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That’s too bad I really liked them, but them lasting 10+ years is actually great and rare for a vk band tho

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too bad. I used to like them.

Fuck… Great band. Was.

This announcement totally caught me off guard, fuck

After quite a few revamps to their style over the years I totally get it, I hope everyone will still be active although some may be ready to retire I suppose D:


This is very sad to hear though their slow down in releases over the past couple of years had me worried but here we are. I do hope they move onto other bands afterwards. And it’s surprising they lasted as long they did in the world of vk and the ever revolving doorway of band survival.

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sad to hear but not surprising. i thought after rabuka that it would be over already tbh. I hope we get to see them in new projects and bands again that would be neat

Scapegoat was a great visual kei band.
they were everything what you want from your average Visual-Kei band. They brought this style of psychos killing their girlfriend to perfection. They visuals were perfect, at least the time where they had their original drummer. Afterwards they were only ok.
I wish the band members a good future.

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They made the most consistent great music discography in the VK industry, not many bands can remains their genre for so many years, it’s sad to see them disband, but I guess they need a break from being scapegoat and wish there will be new bands afterward.

Very sad to hear, they’ve been one of my favorites for years, but they had a great career! I hope we’ll see the members making new projects or joining new bands :cry::hugs:

O_O well this was unexpected after they made an album. WOW! :eyes: