Searching for itms scrubber tool

Hi ! I’m searching for this toll “itms scrubber”…
There was a link in previous forum but it’s dead…é/page/3/

Does anyone have it ?

You’re going to need to use AtomicParsley. I’ll give you the freebie command, but you’ll have to install and configure on your own.

AtomicParsley song.m4a --metaEnema

This will blow out all the metadata information, so you’ll have to retag it again. But it’s the only way to get rid of almost everything. The buyer information will still be present in the metadata. To get rid of that, you’ll have to use something like HexFiend (macOS only) or HxD (Windows). You’ll have to open up the song, search for the name, and replace it with other hex characters.

And no, there is no easier way (unless you wanna transcode to MP3).