Seeking visual Kei friends for discord

Hi! I’m new and am a huge fan of the old school bands that have inspired me, I like neo as well and I’m seeking platonic friends into Visual Kei or even Lolita, Gyaru, etc. for my discord server since I don’t really know any. The only thing I ask for is
**please don’t be an SJW, there will be dark/offensive memes. I’m also preferably looking for friends that can join my among us group. Huge plus if you’re into JoJo, Pokémon/Nintendo or Overwatch. I would like to have a conversation first however.
**And I apologize beforehand if I happen to offend anyone but if you’re the type that sexualizes bandmen then please stay away.
Sorry if it was inappropriate to post this here, not really sure where else to look and it’s just difficult making friends as I am a hermit.

DC: Diabolos#9858
Please only add if you’re interested.


First of all: welcome on the Forum!

The forum itself has also a discord server, you might be able to make friends there as well. Feel free to join us!

And about your post, it’s alright. :wink:


Welcome to the forum and i had to google what SJW even means :sweat_smile:

I thought the same as Rize the forum itself has a discord server too.
And for making friends, just write on the forum :wink: don’t worry, no one here bites

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Visual kei and F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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