Self-intro :)

I’m Jamie and I’m from Australia! I’ve been a very very casual vkei fan for a few years now and recently I’ve been wanting to get more into it and learn more about the scene for a while now, especially as someone studying fashion design I’ve always been impressed by the styles bands have!!
My introduction to vkei was mainly through Exist†trace, but I listen to a lot of bands— mainly just whats popular. (I’ve been adding vkei to my playlist as it comes in my recommended gradually for a while now haha). My favourite music genres outside of metal/rock are jazz and funk !
I came across this forum while searching around, so I joined in hopes of being able to follow news and find new music more easily since I don’t know anyone personally who’s into jrock lol.
I hope we can get along :relaxed: ! If you’d like, you could tell me your favourite bands or songs. I always appreciate music reccs!


welcome to Jrockone!




Welcome, it’s nice to meet you! I hope you feel at home around here, we’re always happy to see new members.

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Greetings, wanderer :space_invader:

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Howdy partner… Oh wait wrong english

G’day mate 🙋 (google told me what i gotta say, aint i great? :joy: Joke)

If you’re in need for music recommendations, i’d give you the tip to join our turntabe rounds. You can usually find something new there.(Turntable is a site where you can play music from YouTube and chat with each other)
Otherwise we have mixtape trade offs, everyone puts song to a certain topic together and sends them to an assigned partner.


Welcome, I hope you will enjoy your stay

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Late reply, sorry!!! But omg, thank you for making me feel so welcome!! :joy:

I’ll definitely check it out!!! and I look forward seeing what this forum has to offer :relaxed:

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