Self introduction

From Taiwan ~
Hello, everyone, first of all, this forum is my own experience to find it!
I have been collecting rare bands for seven years
At present is still to continue to collect rare bands, until the day of retirement.
Starting from the junior high school, already touch the visual kei of music,
Also very grateful to my elder sisters introduced the visual kei to me, there may be me and the “visual kei” affinity it!
Do not know why, always like the old visual kei of the song, the new but not accustomed to …
In short I will be in this forum and enjoy the rare songs
(Fully translated by Google)

I moved the old article over as it was :sweat_smile:
So lazy


I tried for years to infect my sister with the Visual kei bug but I never succeeded.
You are a good sibling. :sob:

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Hey! Welcome!
My sister and I could not be more different when it comes to music! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I always saw you in a post on MH. Me and my brother will never taste like musicals haha

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