[SELLING] BUCK-TICK, hide, Machine, and Soft Ballet DVDs, photobooks, mags

Hi everyone (and nice to meet ya)! I’m downsizing and would love for these to find good homes. Prices are all in USD and absolutely negotiable, but they are lower than the eBay listings (that I could find).

Happy to ship worldwide and will provide estimates ofc!

Let me know if you have any questions or want to see additional photos. Thank you so much!

Photos of everything HERE!

DVDs (used, some with surface scratches, all playable)

BUCK-TICK Climax Together $40
BUCK-TICK Warp Days $30
BUCK-TICK at the night side $30
BUCK-TICK On Parade w/ photo book $50
BUCK-TICK Devil and Freud $30
BUCK-TICK Longinus $50
WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA octagon space blu-ray $45

BUCK-TICK here we go again tour book $15
BUCK-TICK one life, one death tour $20
BUCK-TICK warp days tour 2002 $20
BUCK-TICK tour memento mori pix $50
hide psyence a go go tour book $50
hide with spread beaver gigs special book $30
machine dead sock toys book $20
Soft Ballet Formbook $20

Magazines (ALL $5)
Arena 37c July 2007
Bridge March 2009
Ongaku to hito March 2009
Pati-Pati Rock’n’Roll Dec 1993
PHY Nov 2010