Selling cd/dvd more to come

If you want a picture of an individual cd, please let me know. Most of them are in good condition.

Shipping from Canada, no reasonable offer refused.

A - black butterfly

A crowd of rebellion- zygomycota

Adapter- adeosu

And - blindness

And - liberate

And - Muyu no Kago [A-TYPE/CD+DVD

Anlipollicino- angel heart

Anlipollicino- devilish eyes

Anlipollicino - electric romance

Anlipollicino- game of love

Anlipollicino - rondo

Anlipollicino-stargazer vol 1 cd extra

Anlipollicino- stargazer vol 1 cd/dvd

Anlipollicino- stargazer vol 2 cd extra

Anlipollicino- stargazer vol 2 cd/dvd

Anlipollicino - trance former

Arlequin sample cd like an Edison x2

Avel cain - 言の葉-ことのは-

Awoi - Kumo no Ito cd/dvd b and a type

Awoi - Kumo no Ito cd/dvd b type Unopened

Awoi - the second

Awoi - zacro

Awoi - zetsubou no taiyou autographed

Awoi - zetsubou no taiyou cd/dvd

Awoi - zetsubou no taiyou dvd unopened

Ayabie- answer Unopened cd

Ayabie- answer cd/dvd

Ayabie - Kakusei Syupurehicoru

Biosphia- Suisen a and b type

D - rosentrauss

D - rosentrauss c type

Daizystripper- bless

Daizystripper - Hello again

Daizystripper- humaloid

Daizystripper- kiss you autographed

Daizystripper- siren autographed

Daizystripper- Tokyo Horizon - Day & Day - [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]

Daizystripper- truth

Daizystripper- Uso to Kagero

Defspiral sample dvd brand x

Dolores- Ophelia dvd

Exist trace- ambivalent symphonye

Exist trace- knife

Exist trace - the last daybreak

Exist trace - true

Exist trace- twin gate

Exist trace - vanguard of the muses

Exist trace virgin

Explosion Showcase 2011

Fixer - Linaria to Lobelia (リナリアとロベリア)

Fixer sample dvd brand x

Galeyd- destiny

Galeyd - genesis

Galeyd- genesis

Galeyd infitium

Galeyd- loaded

Ganglion- returns to you

Ganglion- reverse

Ganglion - twilight

Ghose- haku

Girugamesh - incomplete

Grimoire- Novel Fantasia (ノベルファンタジア) Unopened

Home made kazoku - Kimi ga Itakara autographed

Jaweye- alpha

Jaweye - binary monolith

Jaweye - stargazer

Kamijo calendar 2019

Kamijo - heart unopened

Kamijo- mademoiselle

Kamijo temple Unopened

Kain - kranze

Kaya sample dvd brand x

Kaya - Yumeji (夢路)

Kuroyuki to Kage - Toshabutsu

Lil.y - idea

Lil.y - idea a type

Liv’ert - circle of sorrow

Liv’ert - dis cd/DVD version too

Liv’ert- proof of waste

Liv’ert- union

Lix - Noah

Lix - sick pain

Lmc - strong pop

Lovetique Chocolate sample cd

Lycaon sample dvd brand x

Marlee - artificial irony autographed

Meidara- Rokudourinne (六道輪廻)

Meidara sample cd

Misaruka The Butterfly Effectcd/dvd a and b type

Mono - hymm to the immortal wind

Monolith- aquarium

Monolith aquarium

Monolith- Byakuya

Monolith- gloria/answer

Monolith- gravy sauce

Monolith- loving and vicious key a and b type

Monolith- Sangatsu Futsuka, Sakura Iro.

Mu - ac1

Mu - discovery of avalon

Nocturnal Bloodlust- ivy

Nsdp - flag of revolution

Thomas - 革命

Overworld - my reality autographed

Oz - best 2006-2010

Oz complete best album DVD

Oz - complete best album brand x dvd

Oz - Crunk

Oz - Crunk Unopened

Oz - soga

Punklock - no music no life DVD

Rose noir - apocalypse autographed

Rose noir - neo Renaissance autographed

Savage - 悪趣味な性癖(akushumi na seiheki)

Savage- biran

Savage - Reiketsu na Komori Uta x2

Savage sample cd x2

Savage- Watashi ga Kowareta Hi (私ガ壊レタ日 )

Screw - deep six

Silhouette from the skylit - arche

Silhouette from the skylit - the great and desperate

Soundwitch - grotesca

Soundwitch- wiccaholic

St. Clair - sample cd

The Akabane Vulgar on Strong Bypass - Proclamation

The black swan - the hopeless

Tm revolution- geisha boy autographed

Thomas - crazy disco

Thomas - determination

Thomas - Gekijo Manifesto

Thomas - パーソナリティ

Tra tra tra demo cd

Uchusentai:noise- meteors autographed

Umberbrown - destination

Umberbrown - falling star

Umberbrown - the scene of brilliant melodies

Vampire rose - Kyuuketsu saiban

Vampire rose - vampire sanctuary

Venom - empty

Vrzel- misery Rady

Yoshida brothers - prism

Yoshida brothers- tsugaru shamisen

Will post a list of magazines for sale soon.

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Interested in -OZ- Complete Best Album if CD is included! Email me at please!