[SELLING] CDs, DTs, VHS, posters, photos, etc (visual kei, j-rock, j-pop, k-pop)

Hello, because my boyfriend and I have been selling a large part of our music collection (including both Western and Asian music) for some time now, we finally decided to get rid of everything, so I have some stuff that might interest someone :slight_smile:

Prices don’t include shipment - we ship worldwide from Poland.

We accept PayPal (payment for family & friends) and bank transfer for people living in Poland.

If you need any info, or are you curious for condition, photos, etc, feel free to write to me on private message.

Some prices can be negotiable, feel free and PM me and make an offer :slight_smile:
We don’t do “holds”.

I can’t upload here more than 1 photo and can’t add more than 2 links, because of restrictions that JROCK ONE puts on users, so you have to search for photos on my imgur: :arrow_forward::arrow_forward::arrow_forward: PHOTOS :arrow_backward::arrow_backward::arrow_backward:

everything is sold


Hey, could you please show me the contents of Apres Guerre?

Hello, I uploaded some photos here: Apres Guerre 1995/11 Vol. 11 - Album on Imgur
I hope they are enough :slight_smile:
And sorry for my torn sleeves :flushed:

Thank you :smiley: I had hoped for some pre-Dir en grey stuff, since they all were active in other bands around that time. But I don’t think there’s anything, right? ><

No problem! Unfortunately there’s nothing related to DEG members :confused:

Hi everyone!
Two things:

  1. The list is fully updated.
  2. Until the end of May, I offer a 20% discount on all stuff (except for flyers). :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile: I’ve made new prices for almost all items.

Hello, the list is updated again. There’s no new items, but new prices for some of them.
Also, I removed list of sold items. Sure it was nice to have it since my buyers don’t make feedback here, but it was too messy :slight_smile:


Hi! How much for shipping to Finland, any idea? I’m thinking of two tapes, Loz’a Veria and the Mist of Rouge one! Might get something else too, depending on the price calculating of the shipping costs :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hello. Registered priority letter (with tracking number) with weight 100-500 gram costs 4.40 euro :slight_smile:

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Sent you a private message :slight_smile:

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Hey again! :smiley: Seems hard to reach you. There’s several items i would like to get :slight_smile:
If you don’t use this forum much you can reach me on twitter.com/erosionheaven

Noir fleurir omocha no misha still available? :slight_smile:


Yes, Noir fleurir omocha no misha is still available.

The list is updated. New cheaper prices just to get rid of everything, and to not throw it away to the garbage :stuck_out_tongue:

How much for it? :slight_smile:

7 euro + shipment

Do you maybe have insta or Facebook so we can mal there about the shipment and buying and u wanted to ask if it’s the cd or vhs

I’ll send you link to my FB on PM