[SELLING] Ex-ans, Morrie, Zi:Kill, the god and death stars, La:Sadie's, Speed-ID, lab the basement

Hey there,
I’m selling a few things:

Morrie- Ballad D
Lab the Basement - Archive + Bonus CDr
Speed-ID - The Night of Speed Mania
Ex-ans - GL But xxx
SOLD Ex-ans - Demo Tape
ZiKill - Fanclub Cassette
the god and death stars - Dawn of the God DVD
Schaft - Archives (3 CD + DVD)
Phaidia - In The Dark 2015 CD (not pictured)
SOLD La:Sadie’s - Seimei no tsumi*

Prices + More photos:

Feel free to DM or e-mail me with any questions.

@carddass You can change your email settings to send out emails when someone PMs you when you’re away. Just saying and good luck with your sale.


Thanks for the tip, just changed that setting now.

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What do you want for In the Dark to the US? Also can I get pics?


I’ve got a few issues of SHOXXX with this brand new / unused poster of hide / tusk included in issue 15.