[SELLING] Lareine, Versailles, Kamijo, and others


-Fuyu Tokyo (with Emiru trading card) 12€
-Never Cage (Deluxe ed.) 100€ shipping included (Discs are near mint but the case has a bit of wear, PM me for photos if interested)
-Chou no Hana 9€
-Fleur (digipack ed.) 9€
-Billet 10€
-Metamorphose (with Emiru card) 11€
-Romancia (white) 20€
-Urei no Hana ga Tsuzuru Ai ~L’introduction de la fleur~ pink (with sticker. Has a bit of wear on the cover) 14€
-TOUR “Le vent express” 1999 18€
-TOUR “Fleur” 1998 ~Hakuchou to Tsuisou~ Le Lac des cygnes 9€
-Fleurir ~mode estivale~ (missing the sleeve, but the original sleeve was a generic white cardboard VHS sleeve with no text) 12€
-90’s Photoset 15€ SOLD


-Lot 5 Tokuten DVDs 25€ (shipping inside Europe included)


1 Pins Yuki+Masashi (Kamijo solo) 4€ set
2 Versailles Yuki+Teru+Masashi adesives 5€ set
3 Versailles trading cards 3€ each
4 Kamijo stickers 1,75€ each (only 4 out of 8 still available)
6 Lareine postcard 4€
7 Kamijo trading cards 3€ each SOLD
8 Yuki (Versailles) photo 2€
9 Kamijo photo 3€ SOLD
-LAREINE flyers 5€ each

All prices do not include shipping fees, except otherwise stated.

Shipping from Italy. If your total spending is 50€ or above (without shipping fees) I will discount 5€ from the resulting shipping fees.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I’m open for tradings (looking for: Kamijo/Lareine/Versailles/New Sodmy/The Ghost inside of Me/Femme Fatale, az:madius, CROxHime stuff) depending on where you are located and what you do offer. I’m looking especially for things like cards/postcards/flyers/promo CDs/(Lareine)Fuyu Tokyo slim jewelcase ed. etc. but If you have anything you are willing to trade from those band, feel free to contact me.

Up! All Kamijo’s CDs are gone.

Up! Some stuff sold and new stuff added.

Up! Added Manterou Opera tokuten DVDs and a lot of LAREINE stuff (some even not so easy to find).

Feel free to contact me for any question!