[SELLING] Lareine, Versailles, Kamijo

Going to inaugurate this part of the forum, hope it follows the rules

Kamijo solo project:

-Louis (reg. ed.) 5€ - Jewel case lid hinge is broken but it’s easy to replace
-Mouline Rouge (reg. ed.) 8€
-Yamiyo no lion (reg. ed.) 8€
-Stikers 1,25€ each
-trading cards 2€ each


-Bara wa utsukushiku chiru (lim. ed.) 15€ (comes with band mini-poster)


-2008 tour towel (new, never used) 20€
-trading cards 2€ each

All prices do not include shipping fees, except otherwise stated.

Shipping from Italy. If your total spending is 45€ or above (without shipping fees) I will discount 5€ from the resulting shipping fees.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I may be open for trading (looking for: Kamijo/Lareine/Versailles/New Sodmy/The Ghost inside of Me) depending on where you are located and what you do offer. I’m looking especially for things like cards/postcards/flyers/promo CDs/(Lareine)Fuyu Tokyo slim jewelcase ed. etc.