Selling LOTS OF J-Rock CDs/DVDs from ~2000-2014

Sorry i just registered here to sell my old j-rock stuff. Please tell me if I did something wrong. I’m shipping from Austria (EU). I really want to get rid of all of my cds and dvds, so i’m selling them for a good price, but i’m not giving them away for free. Please make me an offer! Some of the CDs are not Japan Versions but European Versions. Some artists are not strictly j-rock but I tried to exclude all regular J-Pop artists and only include “alternative” genres, so please bear with me. Sorry I don’t know exactly which versions they are, please ask and I will try to find out. You can contact me at as well.

Akiko Hamada - kirari
AnCafe - Magnya Carta
Anna Tsuchiya - taste my beat
Aural Vampire - Zoltank
Deathgaze - genocide and mass murder
D’espairsRay - coll:set
D’espairsRay - Mirror
D’espairsRay - spiral staircase #15 final (DVD)
D’espairsRay - Liquidize (DVD)
Dir en grey - Vulgar
Dir en grey - Withering to death
Dir en grey - The Marrow of a Bone
Dir en grey - Uroboros
Gackt - Vanilla 3"
Gackt - Mizerable 3"
Go!Go!7188 - Parade
Go!Go!7188 - 5693
Go!Go!7188 - GO! GO! no Hi Special Acoustic Daisakusen!! - Kudan Shita wa Kitto Ame (DVD)
Go!Go!7188 - Gonbuto Tour (DVD)
Hyde - 666
Hyde - evergreen 3"
Hyde - Angel’s tale 3"
Hyde - Shallow sleep 3"
Lucifer Luscious Violenoue’ - Do you remember the rosegarden of Hauntedrealm?
lushka - birth and foster
Merry - Peep show
Merry - nu chemical rhetoric
MUCC - Gokusai
MUCC - Tsuuzetsu
MUCC - Shion
MUCC - Houyoku
MUCC - Kuchiki no tou
MUCC - Tonan no houyoku (DVD)
MUCC - 6
MUCC - World Tour Final 666 (DVD)
Nichika - Nichika
OLIVIA - Greatest Hits
Pierrot - Smiley Skeleton Yuu - ten no mikaku
Yuyoyuppe - Story of hope

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Are any of these still available? Thanks!

Interested in the MUCC 666 DVD!