[SELLING] Magazines with all inclusions (Fool's Mate, Shoxx, Cure), Gazette + Alice Nine Artbook

Hi everyone, I need to let go of my Visual-Kei collection sadly and I was searching for platforms where you can sell your stuff and found this forum here.
Would anyone be interested in buying magazines or artbooks (preferebly within Germany/EU since shipping costs can get quite high)?
All extras are included (posters etc.)

Here is a list of my collection:

1x The Gazette Artbook (2009) - 100€
1x Alice Nine Photobook (THE BOOK -5th Anniversary Special Book) (2009) - 70€

1x Cure Vol. 77 - 15€
1x Fool’s Mate Vol. 339 - 15€
1x Fool’s Mate Vol. 334 - 15€
1x Fool’s Mate Vol. 330 - 15€
1x Shoxx Vol. 194 - 15€
1x Shoxx Vol. 197 - 15€

1x Album by Sadie - Madrigal de Maria (EU edition - 2013) - 15€