[SELLING] Suji's Nonsense Market♥ (CDs, DVDs, mags, etc.)

I decided to open shop again! I’m selling some stuff from my collection that dearly need a new home, plus duplicates that were acquired when building this collection! This will be frequently updated since I’m still sorting through the mess, but most of the stuff is still there from when I was selling on MH.

Items are mainly Lin both periods/Merry/Marco/Scarlet Valse stuff, but I also have Lin 2nd period bootleg DVDs, and various magazines, mainly Cure and Massive; these are separated by tabs in the spreadsheet. Items marked in red are on hold; sold items will be removed.

Shipping from United States, Paypal or Ebay (WIP but you can always request I put something on there in case you can’t use paypal); PM for questions/orders, NO TRADES :smiling_face:
Please be aware of covid-related issues! I will also not be responsible if there are shipping problems.
I can also put items on hold if you want ^^
Basic pricing point: singles $5, mini-albums $10, albums $15, DVDs $20 (prices may differ on list based on condition/rarity)

Items list - Suji's Nonsense Market - Google Tabellen [wip?]

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Added SIRENE’s latest album, plus Malisend’s mini-album and MEIDARA

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Added David’s Hexagramearth -Unmei no Ito to Ito-, CULA, Scarlet Valse, and L’Dear

I may take the Meidara lot off ya. PM me!

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all Meidara cds have been sold! :heart:


Im interested in the Metis gretel cd, can you pm me?

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Added DIE-QUAR - Dekisou

I’ll be putting up some Fool’s Mate mags but in the meantime, shop is closed until January ^^

Taking orders in January!

Adding some new photosets and cheki from Scarlet Valse and 幻奏楽団LucyCrown and a couple of mags!

Fools Mate vol.337 Nov. 2009 (cover Nightmare/Sendai Kamotsu) $11
Newsmaker no.210 2006 (cover Uverworld) $11

Signed photos $6 each/$20 set (marked with *)
Unsigned photos/cheki $5 each/$15 set

[Scarlet Valse]

  • Mirage in Mirror* (alternate ver (unsigned) is also in stock)
  • Valkyrie* (band pic is unsigned)
  • Heaven*
    * Notice
    * ONE (1 photo, band ver)

Kakeru x2 (one with another bandman)
Rin (with another bandman)

幻奏楽団LucyCrown signed photos (7 pics, 1 unsigned)

Added Eliphas Levi - Tsumeitai Atelier no Majutsushi (original seal)!! sold!!

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bump + kind of an update

I’ve decided to sell my whole Lin cd/dvd collection, plus the duplicates already listed here, the rest of my Scarlet Valse collection, and also the Jiga album along with the limited store photoset. I may add more cds soon to declutter.

I’ve also opened up my old eBay account and will start putting up stuff that’s listed here on there soon. (WIP but you can always request I put something on there in case you can’t use paypal) I’ve got 2 cds listed so far, and I’ll also be selling other stuff like movies, etc.

As always if you want anything, pls DM me


also putting up my vkgy page for all the Lin and Scarlet Valse stuff I have

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Are any of these still available :smiley:

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most of them! DM me ^^

should I just PM you on ebay? new to using jrockone so I’m not sure how to do it here ^^;

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just click on my icon and there should be a button that says “message”

or if you do prefer ebay, it’s linked here ^^

All Runatic cds and a couple of others have been sold!

Thank you guys so much for your support! I’ve begun adding Scarlet Valse cds and merch to my eBay (link on top), including a Scarlet Valse x Neth Priere Cain towel, please check it out as there are photos available! As for lots, I can sell certain things individually, DM for any questions/offers.

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Updated ebay with new listings; Lin 2nd period cds, David, Metis Gretel, and Merry

Just to let you know:
When I want to visit Ur eBay acc it says :
Sorry we couldnt find this user

oops ;w; I changed my username after a decade, fixed the link ^^ thanks for letting me know!

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Malisend mini album has been sold!! :pray: