[SELLING] sukekiyo

Hey guys,

I would like to part with these two items by sukekiyo. They’re both in great condition*, check out the images for a closer look and don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

:incoming_envelope: Drop me a DM if you’re interested!

:package: Shipping from Germany.
:euro: Payment via Paypal.

Cheers :v:

1. VITIUM 2xCD Limited Edition [SFCD-0150~51] ~ 25€

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2. sukekiyo 二〇一七年公演「落下する月面」-盲目の獣- ・・・私の断面からガバガバと、それこそ愛だ恋だの無機質な私の断面から・・・ [PZSK-025] ~ 30€

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*The sticker on the VITIUM jewel case has a small tear.