Share your creativity

I would like to see your art here (music, paintings etc). Show it to the world.
So I will start this thread. Even though I’m not involved in anything for couple of years, I used to make some music in a two-piece project called microcosmys. I like to describe it as space black metal which is basically lo-fi atmospheric stuff with some weird bells inspired by cosmic novels. I used to write some riffs and bring it to my friend Lemm, so he could arrange and structure it to a song. We recorded it at his apartment while his dog usually was extremely annoyed by my crappy guitar skills so was barking all the time. But it is how it is.
Maybe I will revive it one day… who knows. I really miss the process.

Please, feel free to post your work so we can check it.


I used to make harsh noise wall and dark ambient, or sometimes other kind of “noise music”.

this is pretty much an archive of my old releases from 2012 to 2018.

latest release, a collaboration with my label boss.

I participated in the label’s official compilation, a 400-way split, with one track.

my 2nd release under the label.

debut release under the label, also a half tribute to the already gone netlabel, Wall Noise Action, ever operated by my greatest inspirer, Ivan Sandakov, who’s also a half label mate to me.


Good stuff, everyone - love seeing so many people making abrasive art.

Here’s a track off my band’s most recent release - dissonant, chaotic metal stuff.


Are there some more artists you inspired by? To be honest I never dived that deep into noise undeground scene, but that is some interesting thing to listen and learn about.
We did a little ambient piece as an intro for our first demo and generally used a lot of synths to make music spacey.

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Mate, that sounds… Skilful as fuck. I like it.
Definitely will go to my playlist somewhere between Car Bomb, Ion Dissonance and Daughters.

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Thank you - we love all those bands!!

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cool track! I also love some space ambient.

these two are my favs.

yeah, I’m also inspired by these,

btw, The Rita, Vomir, Werewolf Jerusalem are often regarded as HNW Big Three in case you don’t know.


I’m certainly checking this when the right mood comes. Thanks :wink:

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also don’t forget to check out this page when you have the mood.

most of my posts are noise related.

Guyokai is my project i’m currently working on since 2018. It’s like chill, retro vibes.