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Put your instagram handle below, I’ll be following all of you for the next 24 hours. my ig is @hxpxr

i don’t post cause i’m not attractive but having followers fuels my serotonin 🧍🏻

mine is @visvasrxt

Why would you only want to follow someone for 24 hours? :roll_eyes:

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Why only for 24hours thou? :thinking:

Welp, but here is mine 🤷

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Mine is

Here is my instagram o.o

Hooookay! :smiley:

that meant I’ll go back to this thread for 24 hours to check you guys’s IG handles :slight_smile:


So sweet of you to offer to follow all of us. :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:
My personal one is @smiley_skeleton, but if you want to follow the one where I actually notify about new interviews and whatnot, that’s @arlequinphotography :blush:


Thanks!! The goal is obviously to follow eachother and have fun outside of JRO :slight_smile:

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… but only for the next 17 hours. :wink:

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And who knows, you might learn something fun by following all these people as well! :smiley:

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FOREVER AND EVER :kissing_closed_eyes:

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That’s you?! Thank you for all the work you do with Sui (David)! Surprised that there isn’t an interview with…Arlequin! snort

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That’s me indeed! :smiley:
And you are very welcome! Sui is a super nice guy, so I’m more than happy to help him out whenever he asks. It’s just sad that he has to postpone nearly everything he schedules in terms of live performances man…
But at least the show that was planned for January 23rd is now a free to join streaming on Twitcasting! (At least, I think he’s going to use that, he usually does so… He didn’t specify…)

I really want to do an interview with Arlequin for years because of well, the name for both of our projects (even though mine is actually named after the first name PIERROT’s fanclub had back in the day, which was “ARLEQUIN”, they later changed it to “FOLLOWERS”. If only they knew what a trend they started with that name…) but it has never happened yet…
I do have an interview out with Angels’ Temptation right now, and two other bands in various stages of completion, so… (Super excited for one of them, no spoilers though, not allowed to say. XD)


Here is my account~

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Hi all. Just want to share my Instagram where I post reviews of mainly Japanese indies, shoegaze, and some obscure genres. So far, I have written reviews of Yuragi, COLLAPSE, Culenasm, and sleepy.ab. Please take a look if you’re interested! :joy: