Share your and/or Discogs!

Heya fellow collectors! My favourite part of being a collector is, of course, seeing and comparing other people’s collections. That being said, since most of us aren’t even on the same continent, then it’s much easier to do that digitally. So feel free to share your collection curator of choice IIT.

I’d like to add other people as friends on Discogs, so feel free to send me an invite.

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Here’s my

Missing some items but I’m waiting for them to come in before I mark them as owned, haha

And my discogs:

I’m sure I’m missing some CDs, but I added all my vinyl ^^

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My (not 100% complete, but I’d say 95%, still needs to add a couple dozens random CDs I have)

I have an account on Discogs too, but since it’s much more incomplete, I’m not linking it, since is more reflective of my collection.