SHERBETS new album "Midnight Chocolate" release

At their recent live, SHERBETS announced that they’ll be releasing their new album in 2023 as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations (there will also be a tour in May-June to commemorate the occasion). No further details available at this time.

Additionally, the band has released their single “UK” on 2022/10/26.

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The band will release their new album “Midnight Chocolate” on 2023/04/26, in two types. Apart from the regular edition CD, there will also be a first press limited edition that comes in a special box with 12 postcards and a 60 page booklet.


  1. 知らない道
  2. Spread City
  3. セダンとクーペ
  5. Aurora Squash
  6. Fantastic
  7. 愚か者
  8. ROLL
  9. こわれた大人

New PV! :heart_eyes: