SHERBETS new album "Same" release

The ever-prolific Kenichi Asai will release a new album with his band SHERBETS about 6 years following their last one. The title is “Same” and it will be released on 2022/04/22 via mailorder at the Sexy Stones Records webshop, and on 2022/04/27 in regular stores.

The album will be released in two versions: regular CD and limited 2CD. The bonus CD for the limited edition contains 7 songs recorded live in the band’s rehearsal space.


  1. MIA
  2. 欲望の種類
  3. Vanessa
  4. Grantham
  5. おフランス
  6. Toy Address
  7. Happy Everyday
  10. Lonely Night

Can’t wait to hear it! :slight_smile:

New music vid is out!

Lovely. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The album is now out on various streaming platforms too. I couldn’t find a site that collects all the options, but here’s a few: