SHERBETS new live album & new digital single release

SHERBETS will release their new live album “REAL LIVE FEELING” which will be limited to lives and their webshop. Live sales begin from 2023/11/04 and webshop orders from 2023/12/01. As a bonus, different stickers (drawn and designed by Kenichi Asai) will be included depending on the means of purchase.

Tracklist and cover:

  1. カミソリソング
  2. 知らない道
  4. こわれた大人
  5. セダンとクーペ
  6. 勝手にしやがれ
  7. ROLL
  8. 星空の方があったかい
  9. Crashed Sedan Drive
  10. JJD
  11. シベリア
  12. Aurora Squash
  13. わらのバッグ

In addition to this, a new song titled “Baby Car” will be released as digital single on 2023/12/09.


The music video for the single is out!

Look for streaming/digital links here: