Shibuya venues partner with Spotify, changes names

Spotify has partnered up with various Shibuya venues and their names will be changed to reflect the partnership starting on December 1 (ex. Spotify O-EAST, Spotify O-WEST, Spotify O-Crest, Spotify O-Nest, a real weird business move)

It’s also noted that Spotify will offer special services to premium members and publish the setlists of the day as a playlist to better link livehouses with technology, which sounds like a really cool idea.


Now if only spotify could save AREA…


AREA’s going because the building is literally crumbling to pieces and needs to be torn down.


oh god, this is somehow worse than those venues actually closing… spotify is the devil @_@

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AREA is going nowhere. Where else are the nobody cares and popular bands are gonna play together? Cyber? I don’t want Maria slipping me a xan with my drink.

I can’t wait for our hysterical visual darlings to bless the rebranded space with their presence

『醜いの歌 — the day I fuck your parents — PARA:PHYLIA — tour final @ spotify O-WEST 』 sounds hot :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::fire::fire::fire:


Are you talking about Ikebukuro Cyber? That place closed forever ago, lol.

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LMAO no wonder I haven’t heard of no one care bands in a long time. Haven’t been overseas in 2 years since covid.