Sick² new maxi-single "欄葬" (Ransou) release

Sick² new maxi-single “欄葬” (Ransou) will be released at 2022/09/21 (2 types)

TYPE A (2000yen) will include CD (2 songs) and DVD including “欄葬” (Ransou) MV
TYPE B (1500yen) will include CD (3 songs) only

[CD tracklist]
3.Shangri-La・la・la・la [TYPE B only]


We just had the talk about them on discord

His smeared lipstick looks unfortunate
I don’t know if it’s the light of a piercing, but i looks like he got herpes :upside_down_face:

Otherwise i like the colors of their new visuals. Let’s see if i will like their song too


Can’t unsee the herpes looking part

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I guess these threads can be merged.

Love the hyper-busy look! :smiley:


Love their outfits

I used to not like this band at all (thinking they were kirakira shite), but they have won me over in the last years. Totally love their aesthetic and music ideas, looking forward to this. (I agree the smeared lipstick is unfortunate tho, lol)

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this is a very cool and refreshing look. love it!

absolutely in love with that look, hope the song will be good as well

Hot on the heels of their latest single released today, Sick² will release their next single titled “爛葬” (Ransou) on 2022/09/21.

Just like with the current single, it will come in 2 types: TYPE-A (2-track CD + DVD with music video) and TYPE-B (3-track CD). No further details are known at this point.

(pls note that I’m not sure about the title’s romanization, so sorry if there’s a mistake there)

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Romanzation sounds about right to me.

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Same kanji for the second character as the current single!

I wonder if the singles are related, especially with the consecutive release/announcement. Probably not though.

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Yeah, I was thinking there might be a thematic concept for both of them (the current one is kinda poppy, maybe the September one will be more crazy/weird?).

In any case, looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

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I looked up the words and it’s definitely a thematic thing. Roughly translates to “Holy burial” and “Rotten burial” (the next single).

Looking forward to it too!


Cover art has been revealed…

…and it’s ugly as fuq, lmaooo

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that cover ‘‘art’’ was definitely an interesting choice


Their last album covers are definitely a downgrade to the great illustrations before.
But I still find even their new album covers to be better than from most indie groups.

Here’s a short sample from the music video…

…sounds good!


Previews of all the single’s tracks:

Some catchy sounds in there~ :slight_smile: