silly little introduction that I forgot to do (i,e how I got into jrock, vk more specifically)

be me, in 9th grade, having listened to some jrock songs every now and then but not really becoming a solid fan of anything

currently obsessed with vocaloid, wasting my time in class scouring through the vocaloid wiki

see YOHIOloid

have no idea who yohio is

go on spotify and listen to some of his stuff

“wow, this kinda sucks actually”

see the term “visual kei” mentioned in his spotify bio

have no idea what visual kei is

stumble upon some random playlist through spotify search

somehow stumble upon lynch

listen to some stuff off of GALLOWS

I like it

everything else is a blur, now I am here. what a sad way to discover this community, but its a discovery nontheless


Hi and welcome! I kinda discovered vk through Vocaloid too, with Gackt’s Vocaloid of course, and then some vk covers as well. Yohio was also one of my first '“real” experiences with vk I guess xD

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Hello, nice to meet you! We’re all bound to discover stuff like YOHIO at some point, but at least you made it here :laughing:
Enjoy your stay!

(also if you’re sorta interested in vocaloid then I can definetely suggest my favorite producer Utsu-P)


as much as that guy irritates the crap out of me, in a way, I guess I feel a bit thankful of him since his music made me seek out more vkei artists, so I guess even bad things can lead to good :rofl:

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OMG! I LOVE YOHIO!!! :heart_eyes:

GOD- ME WITH GACKT, ACTUALLY. Its such a PAINFUL double edged-sword, because he was my intro into J-rock.

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tbh I feel like gackt is at least tolerable, even in his worst stuff. I admit, I thought Prophet in Disguise by YOHIO was kinda catchy, but every other song of his made me wanna smash my head into drywall

Welcome here and enjoy your stay


Hello, welcome to the forum! :smile:


Hey Donnie! Welcome abroad. I hope you enjoy your stay here

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Welcome to the forum

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Hey there, welcome! What an adventurous origin story! Glad you found the way. :smiley:

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Ok, But INVIDIA tho!! Love that song!!

I don’t think I’ve ever heard that one, I might give it a listen sometime!

OHHHH, Invidia is like the BEST song on that album!!! :heart_eyes: